Kamis, 27 Juni 2013


 Hey guys! how are you??
Finally i can have my holiday *yay*, no more homework, no more exam!
well, i spend my holiday at home, watching tv, and take a rest.
sometimes i go to mall with friends and watch movie.
i've watch epic, man of steel, great gatsby, now you see me, world war z, and many more
i'm so happy because now i can watch all the great movies in the cinema, because when i was in my school day i was missed so much great movies.
Talk about movie, do you guys watch "Epic"!? i love that movie, even the story was a fiction, but I love the message behind it, to make something happen, you must to believe on it!
Well i have the same dog with Ozzie from Epic movie, but i named my dog Puck.
In this post i toke a picture together with my dog, enjoy!!!

HnM shirt as inner, HONGKOK sweater, BERSKHA skirt, FIONI for PAYLESS ankle boots, J.ESTINA bag, DEFRAULINA SHOP (Instagram) spike cap, NEW LOOK spike bangles, GAUDI necklace

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Selasa, 28 Mei 2013

Last Rain

Hey guys, how are you?
the weather here is umpredictable..
I'm about to go to watch movie with my friends and have a quality time with them
it was sunny day before. When i took a picture of my outfit then the rain start falling, with spontneous i took an umbrella at my car :P
so here's what i wore..........................................................

DIY yellow top , mom's purple pants , DECIMAL SHOES open toe wedges , LONGCHAMP bag ,  DOROTHY PERKINS ring , NEW LOOK spike bangles , BANGKOK neclace

Thanks for your attention , have a nice day ;)
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Rabu, 17 April 2013

What Is Dry When It's Wet ?

hey guys! how are you?
is almost one month i don't post anything on my blog
i'm so busy with my school assignment and test
and  finally i got a chance to post a new entry
well last saturday i was hangout with my girls just for a beauty dinner and windows shopping
and this is what i wore........................................

HnM white shirt , NEWLOOK tanktop and spike bangles , ZARA skull scarf , DIY ripped jeans , DECIMAL SHOES leopard shoes , BL!NG necklace , CENTRO spike ring , BANGKOK leopard ring

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Jumat, 22 Maret 2013

Fashion Soldier

Hey guys.. back with me..
how are you guys !? hope you fine :)
i want to share my today's outfit
actually i want to do this look so much
and it's really fun
i love army look
i found my dad's army jacket , so i have an idea to make this look
and i wore it when meet my girls
check this out.............................

DAD'S army jacket , NEW LOOK tanktop , MARKS & SPENCER short pants , THE LITTLE THINGS SHE NEED bag and owl necklace , BRASH FOR PAYLESS maryjane pumps , (X)SML ring , BANGKOK studded belt and cross necklace

Minggu, 10 Maret 2013

Land Before Time

hey guys ! how are you ?!
 i was stressed out , because it was a mid-term week wich full of study !
and too bad i can't watch music bank live in Jakarta :(
well , yesterday i was hangout with my friends , just for windows shopping and gossiping :p
and i wore a simple outfit for yesterday
here is it...........................

LOUSHKII outer , MARKS & SPENCER short pants , BANGKOK vintage bag and sandals

so , what do you think guys ?
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Kamis, 14 Februari 2013

Ash Wednesday

Hey guys how are you !?
happy Valentine :)
btw yesterday i went to curch to Ash Wednesday commemorates
and this is what i wore yesterday

HnM outer , MINEOLA tanktop , mom's lacey pants , BRASH for payless maryjane heels

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Kamis, 10 Januari 2013

Rainy January

Hey everybody...
i'm so sorry for almost 1 year no posting ;( my bad... well i just forget my email so i can't sign in my blog... so much unforgetable memories in 2012 i finished my national final exam and now i'm entering my first senior high school and this is my second semester i'm so busy in my last year in junior high school , so i can't post much entries in my blog btw 2nd January was my birthday :) well... this is my first look in new year enjoy !

TOPSHOP shirt , BERSKHA skirt , DECIMAL SHOES floral boots , (X)S,M,L ring

I love my new shoes :)
What do you think guys ?
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i'm just an ordinary human who have a mistake , so i'm sorry if i have a mistake in typing on my blog