Jumat, 30 September 2011

california candy

hey ! it's saturday now...
it's not just the ordinary saturday because today is the first day of October !!!
time walk so fast , right ?
i wish all the best and be better in this month
yesterday i went to pasar baru with my mom and i bought some new stuff
i bought a loose shirt with a cute pattern
and i wore it in my new photoshoot
check it..............

patterned loose shirt from PASAR BARU , tosca pants is my MOM'S OWN , black tanktop from MAGNOLIA , peep-toe heels by PETER-KEZIA

this is the pattern of my new shirt

well what do you think about my new look guys ?
i love my new shirt so much ! it's cute and unique
well , happy weekend guys !
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dark sunkist

hello again guys :D
this is my second post for today...
i took this photoshoot this afternoon
in this photoshoot i wore my new studded suede boots from my dad , he bought it from China
check this out...............

i combine my new shoes with a leather jacked i borrow from my daddy , the dress is from ZARA , and a necklace i worn as a bracelet

well thanks for reading , i hope you like my blog post !
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thanks guys..


i want to be a lady

hey guys , it's friday now ! Thanks God Its Friday !
finally my daddy has been arrive from his holiday in China !
my daddy give me much of presents for me
and i wore some of it
i wore a cute short sleeve sweater !
check it guys..............

i combine my new sweater with a black skirt from KAMPUNG BRASCO , the black bag from LADYCAT , and also the peep-toe heels from PETER-KEZIA

what do you think guys ?
feel free to give some commentary and follow my blog :D
thanks for reading


Kamis, 29 September 2011

casual on me

hey all , come back with me...
this is my second post for today...
it's still about fashion post
well , i have been took today's photoshoot after school
i make a casual look , check it guys..................

bow top is from MANGGA DUA , tanktop from MAGNOLIA , the legging from YELLOWLINE , white borero from NUMBER 61 , and the peep-toe heels from PETER-KEZIA

i'm so disapointed abot my heels photo , my heels is about 4,7" but it's look like 3,9"
well i think it's enough for today , feel free to give some commentary and follow my blog
thank you so much for reading !


start with basic

hey guys , today is my first fashion post .
i take this photo yesterday .
in this photoshoot i just wear a simple outfit .
let's check it...............

the basic top i bought in GIORDANO , the short jeans is my daddy's gift from HONGKONG , the boots is my mom's gift , and the clutch is my birthday gift from my friends

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i hope you like this post , thank you for read it .


Jumat, 23 September 2011

first level

hey guys ! i want to introduce my self !
my name is evita topan , just call me evita !
i'm 14 years old now , school in junior high school...
i'm the proudly curvy girl
my obsession is have a sexy body , but my heart just tell me about my body have been sexy in my own way :D
well i'm a new comer in blogger
my plan for this blog is i want to show you about everythings about me and my passion about .
i think it's enough about the introduce ,
feel free to follow and visit my blog
and don't forget to update my blog post