Minggu, 23 Maret 2014

No Air

Hello everybody! hope you guys have a good weekend :)
Did you guys hear about the Malaysian airlines tragedy?
I feel so bad about it, and quietly trauma about flight :(
till now we don't have an authentic news about the issue, everything about it is still unsure. Just pray for the best for everyone!
Well, last Saturday night I went to mall with my besties, have a small reunion, a beauty dinner and have a windows shopping (ends with the real shopping, of course)
and this is what I wore last night

BERRYBENKA top & necklace
TRUE RELIGION denim pants
ZARA sandals
CELINE luggage bag
FOREVER21 shades
Hope you guys enjoy my post!
sorry for my bad english :(


Jumat, 14 Maret 2014

Let It Go

Hello everyone!
I know, i didn't post any entry in my blog since June last year :(
I have no idea, suddenly i forgot my email and my password, i can't do my online activities for about   three quarter year, can you imagine that !? what a bad luck
you know what the more worst things that has happened to me?
well, i turn 17 this year, i'm so happy about it, i don't have a big celebration like other girls have.
i celebrate my 17th birthday in the middle of Christmas-New Year vacation.
I went to Singapore with my family at that time so i just celebrate it with a dinner with my family.
Well, it's not the worst thing, one day after my birthday dinner me and my family walking around in orchard road, for shopping. At that moment I just bring my camera bag, and put my phone inside it. I went to the toilet and I ask my dad to take care of my camera bag. After I finished, i go back to my family and continue shopping. After we finished shopping, i ask my camera bag to my dad. My dad looks confused because he don't feel he ever carry my camera bag. My camera bag just lost, with my phone inside. I have no idea, i'm so speechless, I cry all day long. I'm so disappointed, why, how i lost it. So much memories inside my phone and my camera, i can't explain more. It still make me so sad whenever I remember about it. ;;((
By the way, i don't want to drown in sorrow. My dad said regret will not change the situation. So I just let it go. So, here's my newest look!

BOY LONDON sweater-shirt and cap
MANGO skirt
ZARA sandals
SUPER shades
PRADA saffiano in nero (birhday gift from mom)

Thanks for reading, sorry for my broken english :(
hope you guys enjoy my post!
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