Sabtu, 27 September 2014

Rather Be

 Hey there..
I'm so busy with my school assignment now. Can't take care my blog for a view weeks ahead
This is my last post, before I have to face my mid test :(
So sorry about that.
So, this is just a quick post of my outfit. Just doing a basic look.
Hope you guys have a nice day <3

edited by VSCOcam

ZARA -pants
ZARA -heels
LOUIS VUITTON -palermo on monogram
BRAHMIN -necklace

Thanks for visiting
Hope you guys enjoy my post
sorry for my bad English

Senin, 01 September 2014

Boom Clap

 Hey guys, how are you?
Are you guys feeling good? well, i'm not
I had a headache, flu, and an indigestion. I had been to the doctor, and my doctor like to give me about 7 kind of pills. My doctor ask me to do a blood test. Thank God, the result is okay. I just need a view days to get some rest.
This post was taken from last Saturday actually, but because I was sick, so I just can post it in this moment.
I realized, that I really need another shade to my lipstick. Because, my bold-red lipstick isn't suitable sometimes. I need a make up equipment immediately!
So, sorry for my make up, also for the picture quality, not as good as usual.

GAP -short
UNIQLO -scarf
PRADA -saffiano in black
URBAN & CO -heels

Sorry for my bad/poor English
I hope you enjoy my post