Kamis, 10 Januari 2013

Rainy January

Hey everybody...
i'm so sorry for almost 1 year no posting ;( my bad... well i just forget my email so i can't sign in my blog... so much unforgetable memories in 2012 i finished my national final exam and now i'm entering my first senior high school and this is my second semester i'm so busy in my last year in junior high school , so i can't post much entries in my blog btw 2nd January was my birthday :) well... this is my first look in new year enjoy !

TOPSHOP shirt , BERSKHA skirt , DECIMAL SHOES floral boots , (X)S,M,L ring

I love my new shoes :)
What do you think guys ?
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i'm just an ordinary human who have a mistake , so i'm sorry if i have a mistake in typing on my blog