Sabtu, 10 Mei 2014

Under Control

How are you guys? I hope you guys all well
So, today I went to mall to watch Rio 2 together with all my niece and nephew, and take care of them all day long. Also, we went to Kidzania, we had a lot of fun there, I mean they had a lot of fun there! Lol! then we have an evening meal after that.
I just wear a simple yet comfortable outfit for today. Also, my new shoes that finally arrive safely and prettily, a gift from my friend from Hong Kong,Yeay!
Btw, do you guys have an account? Please follow mine @evitatopan I'm a new bee :) feel free to ask any question!

NEW LOOK - plaid shirt
BALENCIAGA - bracelet
ALDO - shades
Hope you guys enjoy :)
sorry for my bad english

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  1. cool heels!


  2. love your self confidence, but i must be honest, i know when something is good to see or not and your last picture is your best shoot.
    you must seek more what is your best angle and what's the best outfit for your 'curve'. It's important too, aside from your good confidence and having your own fashion statement, because most people don't have it.

    here, i will give you a link that might be your next fashion inspiration:

    it's all my honest comment, no offence at all.
    you just being yourself and keep it that way (^^)b

    you can freely visit my blog at

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughts :)
      Well, because my blog is a fashion blog it's mean what's in this blog is all about fashion, all about my outfit. So, my poses is all about showing my outfit from different perspective. If you are a plus-sized fashion blogger, but your poses is like to cover some parts of your body so you'll look skinnier or whatever, not to expose your outfit, I'm so sorry but your purpose as a plus-sized fashion blogger is a bullshit, a big bullshit. I mean you became a plus-sized fashion blogger to shows an outfit in our own ways. At least that's what I thoughts.
      thank you :)

    2. Thanks for the advice btw :)

  3. such amazing look!! cool shoes <3
    love your blog, would you like to follow each other ? :)


  4. keren bgt sepatunya!!! :D

  5. Those shoes are incredible and so unusual!
    *I follow back on Bloglovin'*


  6. Lovely , cute and rock ! Killer boots ! ♥

  7. Me encanta la camisa y la gorra

  8. Love the look! Those killer boots <3